We are highly committed to customer satisfaction.


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Thank you for visiting DAEYANG TECH CO., LTD.
We are highly committed to customer satisfaction.
Since the founding of our company in 1985, we have done our best with a consistent unified mind of our management and all the employees to develop and produce the best products under the slogan of "Impressing Customers with Sincerity", based on our technological capabilities accumulated for long and our new technology that goes beyond customer satisfaction and reach the impression of customers.

Daeyang Tech Co., Ltd. retains the highest technology and has established its 100% Customer-Satisfaction On-Time Delivery System and Quality Assurance System based on its own on-site customized design ability of rubber products and synthetic resin products suitable for all industrial sectors.
We also recognize an importance of the “Win-Win” philosophy and cooperation for mutual growth, without sticking to “just” our own interests, and we are equipped with an efficient process system that can supply products at low prices. In order to prevent the shortage of products in the state where products cannot be supplied due to force majeure that may occur in international transactions, we have concluded the emergency support agreement for production with domestic peers to build our stable supply system.

At Daeyang Tech Co., Ltd., we make it a rule to keep the molds of discontinued products permanently in order to give the after-sale service until the last point of our products that have been sold and used.
We promise to do our best for the production and supply of products based on mutual trust.

Again, we sincerely welcome your visit and wish you luck.
Thank you very much.

CEO. Youngchul SONG
CEO Youngchul SONG Established Feb. 6th, 1985
Annual Revenue US$15,000,000 No. of employees 75
Location 18-19, Juseok-ro 80beon-gil, Hwasung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Major products - Weather Strip and Gaskets (Hold a Patent of Gasket for Window : No. 10-1258273)
- Super Ring (Registration of utility model : No.0168774)
- Silicone Rubber / Polyamide
- Bellows and Intakes Hoses
- Rubber Packing
Major Customers Local Inalfa Korea, Plakor, which are tier 1 vendors for Hyundai & Kia Automotive.
GM Motors, Renault-Samsung Motors, Ssangyong Motors
LG Hausys, LG-TOSTEM BM, and more than 100 of others.
Over 10 customer Over 20 Customers in USA, Canada, Japan, China and etc.